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DURST 138S and L138SP

Floor standing single column enlarger

 Chassis is  82" / 208cm tall  .


w/ fully raised condenser head the total height is 86.6" / 220cm 


w/ fully raised CLS300/301 head the total height is 92" / 235cm.  

w/ fully raised CLS1000 head the total height is 98" / 250cm. 

Floor space requirements:  44x44" (110x110cm)

Crate: WxHxL, 25x27x82,

220 pounds.

All Durst heads, (see separate review sheet), Aristo heads, Ilford VC heads and Pavelle heads.

 Wall support bracket. 

PCM1001 analyzer. 

Accepts NEGA,  AIRNEG, NEGA138, GRAHALON, LARANEG LIGHT and TRINEG negative holders.


Accepts Durst LAPLA lens adapters and all lenses from 35mm through 240mm.


Accepts Durst LAPLA lens adapters, TRIPLA, VAPLA, PROLA and HOTUBS and all lenses from 35mm through 300mm.

We offer this chassis in two different versions. Common for both are that they are black - anti-reflex black. The coating is chemically resistant.

The L138S has fixed TRIPLA, three-lens lens turret and Ver. 2 has a removable TRIPLA. When removable the TRIPLA can be replaced with single-lens lens boards and with HOTUBS for short focal length lenses.

The L138SP has a bellows with larger dimensions than 138S. The 138S bellows are funnel shaped, and the 138SP bellows are straight. Other than that the two versions are identical.

The chassis can be separated at the middle. An assembly  bracket with hand knobs allow separation of the upper and lower chassis part, or to turn the upper chassis 180 degrees for projection on the floor.

The camera carriage is spring balanced which, when properly adjusted for the light head in use, makes size adjustment extremely easy. The head is "weight less" and can be moved freely up and down with one hand. Most models have, in addition to the regular adjustment knob, a quick release handle for fast adjustments.

The camera (bellows unit) turns step less from 0 ® 90 degrees for projection on the wall or for correction of non-parallel lines in  connection with tilting the base board.

The chassis is prepared for horizontal projection. It is equipped with special wheels for precise operation on steel tracks.

Focusing is done manually with a knob. Focusing supports lenses from 35mm through 210/ 240/300mm. Ver. 1 accepts max 210mm.

The baseboard is also spring assisted and moves freely (step-less) up and down when released. The brake is released by applying pressure on a foot pedal.

The baseboard is mounted with a ball-and-socket joint and swivels in all directions for special effects or correcting non-parallel lines. It dead-locks in a fixed position with the twist of one handle. It zero positions by means of a bar handle.

Both head and baseboard stage are equipped with heavy-duty ball bearings and amble possibilities for adjusting slack, alignment and traction.

No other enlarger on the market offers the facilities, possibilities and sturdiness that the Durst 138S does. And per spent dollar – the dollar value is extremely high – no other brand comes even close.

Please Notice, the difference between the L138S and the L138SP chassis is to some extend considerable and in other respects not very considerable.

The Top Spring Housing differs on the two models. The L138S has a single spring spring-housing designed to carry the weight of either the Condenser head or the CLS300/301 series heads. The L138SP has a double spring housing (184 type) capable of carrying the extra weight of the CLS1000 head. The L138S can NOT carry the CLS1000. Although it is possible to install the CLS1000 this will definitely ruin the L138S top counter spring and wire.

The negative stage also differs on the two enlargers. The L138SP has a permanently installed TRIPLA 3-lens lens turret. The L138SP chassis has a large lens receptacle capable of receiving any of the Durst lens boards including the new PROLA lens system and the 184-TRIPLA 3-lens lens turret.