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Comparison guide for 5x7 light heads:

This information is meant to help make your 5x7 light head choice easy, by giving you an overlook of
the differences between the various 5x7 light heads offered by our company.

You may scroll down to see all the models, or you can click the links below to go straight to a specific model.

Light heads for Durst 5x7



Quality and features




600watts halogen

2x 300watt ELR


Full range of mixing boxes from 5x7 to 35mm.  

Dial extension box. 

Semi Closed loop system w/ digital measuring and readout of filtration


This is a fourth generation color Dichro head from Durst. It is the last generation before the CLS1000 color Dichro head. The CLS301 is a professional head used in thousand of professional labs all over the world. The CLS301 is used for both 5x7" and 8x10" printing although generally NOT considered powerfull enough for 8x10" printing. The lamps used in the CLS301 are standard ELR lamp with built inn reflector eliminating the need for a separate reflector and assuring very good and even light distribution throughout the life of the lamp.

The CLS 301 head is powered by an external power supply with electronic stabilization, EST301. The EST301 facilitates 110volt timers and has a built in receptacle.


Features and dimensions are almost identical for CLS300 and CLS301.

The inside differs and the CLS300 has two more exhaust flanges than the CLS301

2000watt halogen


Type: R7S 

A replacement lamp kit LAMKIT, with 2x2pc ELR lamps is available. This kit reduces the output to 1200 watts. However, due to the better efficiency of the ELR the light loss will be less than half an f-stop compared to the R7S system.


Full range of mixing boxes from 5x7 to 35mm. Dial extension box.

Semi Closed loop system w/ digital measuring and readout of filtration 

A replacement lamp kit LAMKIT is available when original Dichro Mirror Reflectors are no longer available. 

The lamps used are standard R7S lamps. Stocked by World Images Inc. 

Accessory diffuser $8.00. 

110Volt timer kit.


This is also a fourth generation color Dichro head from Durst.  This is a professional head used in thousand of professional labs all over the world. Due to the design it produces more light than any other 2000 watt Dichro head on the market – more than the new CLS2000.

I have heard printers complain that this head is hard to work with because it has a tendency to be slightly uneven in color distribution, for one side of the mixing box to the other. We are aware that slight unevenness can be a problem with this head if not kept meticulously clean. The Reflectors and the large Dichroic filters are sensitive to dust build up. It is also important that the lamps are exchanged regularly. The reflectors are separate from the lamp and have a life span of approx. 7-10 years depending on actual use. Each reflector consists of two tube shaped Dichroic mirrors. If slight unevenness is experienced it can be completely removed by introducing an extra diffuser in the filter tray. An extra diffuser will "cost" less than 1/3 of one f-stop in lost light output. 

The R7S lamps can be replaced with the ELC LAMKIT if the output is to powerful or if a more up-to-date lamp solution is preferred.

The CLS 300 head is powered by an external power supply, EST300,  with electronic stabilization and facilitates external 220V timers or 110Volt timers via a relay-kit.








250 ® 1000watt tungsten diffused lamp (Opal) or halogen point light sources


Full range of condensers, coated as well an uncoated, diffusers,
lamps, filters, heat, glass, cold light inserts, cooling blowers etc etc.

Filter pack for cold-light emulation. 

Diffuser for soft light printing $8.00


This is a third generation BW condenser head. One later version exists. The main difference between the version shown and the later version is design.

The CONKIT is an extremely good condenser head. It is well engineered, the double condenser system are of very high quality yielding extremely good evenness for formats up to 5x7" and very good evenness for 5x7".

This condenser head is capable of producing very sharp / high definition results from BW negatives whether it is used as an opal or point light source.

It is equipped with a sophisticated lamp adjustment feature. The lamp can be adjusted 3-dimensionally. Up/down, left/right and front/back allowing extremely precise centering of the lamp.


It also doubles as a cold light  head and/or as a  soft lighthead. Use it as a soft-light head by introducing a diffuser below the condensers or as a regular cold-light head by introducing a diffuser and a filter pack, or as a condenser cold-light head by introducing a filter pack.




1000watt halogen.

Or 2000 watt halogen via upgrade kit available from Durst. 

Durst COLAMP 1840 or Durst COLAMP 2000N




 Full range of the most even and advanced mixing boxes on the today's market.  

All mixing boxes are delivered as a kit, consisting of two mixing boxes. One box, OBEN, is inserted into the lamp housing with snap-in fasteners and is in close contact with the lamp. The main box is used as a final mixing box and also works as a connection to the negative holder. 

Durst PCM1000 analyser.


This is "The-top-of-the-line-High-Tec" color Dichro head for 5x7" and smaller printing. It has set world standard for evenness and robustness for all formats including 5x7".

CLS1000 is the fifth generation Color Dichro Head from Durst and also the last and latest generation of Durst Dichro heads for the Durst range of 5x7" enlargers.

Light output is of course electronically stabilized. The power supply facilitates 110 and 220-volt timers as well as other controllers, PCM1001 etc. 

Only drawback to the CLS1000 is that it requires a special negative holder. It requires the Durst TRINEG negative holder, or LARANEG LIGHT in order to function in a workable manner.  

The CLS1000 requires that your 138S chassis be upgraded with a 184-counter spring housing. If the chassis was "born" with that spring housing it is a 138SP chassis. The housing is available as TRIHELMKIT. The negative carrier TRINEG and adapter plates is available as LATRIKIT 1000 

New price in 1998, for the CLS1000 with one 5x7" mixing box, was $11,130.00, TRIHELM KIT was $1,455.00 and LATRIKIT 1000 was $950.00 


DIGITAL                  LIGHT


Made in the USA


Pictures to follow.


1200 watt Halogen

 3 pc Standard FLX lamp with built in reflector.




Mixing boxes for 5x7 and 6x9cm, 

BW probe, 

COLOR analyzer-scanner.

PC interface


For those familiar with The famous STARLITE Color Dichro head from ZBE no explanation is necessary, for those not so familiar;
The DIGITAL LIGHT Americana DLA1000 COLOR DICHRO HEAD is by far the most advanced 5x7" Color Dichro head on the market. It is truly year 2001 technology. It is an electronically stabilized and controlled light engine. There are no mechanical dials or controls – this head is entirely keyboard controlled.

Keyboard controlled via 32 key dedicated keypad with two-line 40 character LCD display.

Light Source:
Fully stabilized Tungsten Halogen, variable down to 60% of max. output without any change in color temperature. The output is set via keyboard input. (ND: 4-stops for color and 2 f-stops for BW)  Average lamp life is 120 hours.

Built in rotary shutter and digital timer with range 0-999 secs.

Color Control System:
Motorized automatic filter setting. Actual setting and input controlled vis keyboard. 0-180 CC step-less and fade free Color Dichro glass filters. Repeatability +/- 1 CC. Lamp change repeatability 1 CC with same brand lamp.

Variable Contrast BW Control System:
Built in VC filter control system. Grades 0-5 adjustable in 0.1 grade steps. Lamp change repeatability +/- 0.2 grade steps.

25 paper channels.
300 print channels saving job #, roll #, frame # and all printing data for each print.

Compability :
Video analyzer (VCNA) Direct data input, barcode data entry, compatible with DVAS, CVIS, BBS and SVC.

Modular design, all components are modular, lamps or the entire lamp engine can be changed in seconds.