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Table of Contents

2009 Pricelist, effective as of November 15, 2008 and valid till March 15, 2012. We reserve the right to adjust packages and prices without notice.

  1. Manual enlarger – 2000 watt Manual COLD LIGHT / CONDENSER head:
    Durst L138S, with CLS300 Color Dichro, Type 2, head and new EST1500.
  2. Manual enlarger – 1650 watt Manual Color head:
    Durst L138S, with CLS300 Color Dichro, Type 2, head and new EST1500.
  3. Manual enlarger – 820 watt Manual Color head:
    Durst L138S, with CLS301 Color Dichro, Type 2, head and new EST1500.
  4. Manual enlarger – 1000 watt Manual Color head:
    Durst L138SP, NEW OR refurbished chassis and CLS1000 Color Dichro head.

Please Notice, the difference between the L138S and the L138SP chassis is to some extend considerable and in other respects not very considerable.
The Top Spring Housing differs on the two models. The L138S has a single spring springhousing designed to carry the weight of either the Condenser head or the CLS300/301 series heads. The L138SP has a double spring spring-housing (184 type) capable of carrying the extra weight of the CLS1000 head. The L138S cannot carry the CLS1000.
The negative stage also differs on the two enlargers.
The lens stage differs; The L138S has a permanently installed TRIPLA 3-lens lens turret. The L138SP chassis has a large lens receptacle capable of receiving any of the Durst lens boards including the new PROLA lens system and the 184-TRIPLA 3-lens lens turret.

We offer 5-year warranty and an 8-day unrestricted right of return.

Common for all packages:

  1. Parts can be exchanged, reduced, extended and entirely fitted to any users taste.
  2. All parts and enlargers are sold with 8-day unrestricted right of return and 5-year warranty.
  3. Installation and onsite user training is available at a fixed low daily rate. User training includes masking techniques, printing techniques BW as well as color, Dye transfer etc.
  4. 8x10" Enlarger chassis are delivered fully assembled in wooden crates. Light heads and baseboards must be installed by user before the unit can be used for printing.

Full risk insurance include:

  1. Delivery, packing or crating of product. ($800-1500 value depending on product.)
  2. Minimum 1-day installation and training ON USERS SITE. ($2,500-2,800 value)
  3. Any UPGRADES issued after purchase.
  4. All parts, as well as consumables, lamps, reflectors etc. for the entire lease period. (Negative glass not included)
  5. All travel expenses.
  6. All emergency visits.
  7. Minimum one scheduled service visit before the end of the lease term.

If the equipment fails, and the part cannot be sent for exchange or repair then we send a technician to equipment location to repair the unit at no charge for the user. We do not charge for parts, labor or travel. We pay shipping on parts that needs repair or to be exchanged.

In Short; Regardless of what happens we fix it at no charge. If it require that we travel to your location we will do so at no charge. Response time is 48 hours in most cases.

Equipment dropped or otherwise not negligently damaged by user is not covered.

GURANTEE; Full risk insurance can be extended at the end of lease period.

Rent to own or lease to own is available only within USA and Canada.

User can buy the equipment free at any given time with NO penalty.
Example: You purchase the L138SP with COLD LIGH head, $800 down and $110.21 per month.

After 1 year you decide that you want to pay the rest in one lump sum.

Package price $6,149 plus 9% interest for one year = $553.41 total price $6,702.41
You have paid $800 down and 12 installments of 110.21 = $2,122.52 Total paid   $ 2,122.52
Amount to pay off contract ………………………………………………………………$4,579.89
REWARD; Subtract INCENTIVE to pay off contract 5% of Package price .………… -$ 307.45
TOTAL TO PAY OFF CONTRACT …………………………………………………………$4,272.44