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Durst 8x10" LAMP-KIT

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We have developed a new Super Efficient Halogen lamp, with the correct spectrum., and a special reflector, When this kit is used together with a special diffuser supplied as part of the LAMP-KIT you get the exact same type light as you do from conventional old fashion Cold-Light lamps.
The unique parts of the LAMP-KIT can be combined in different ways to produce 4 uniquely different light types. In effect the LAMP-KIT will turn your existing Durst Condenser head into the most flexible enlarging light source on the market today.

Take your BW printing into the 21th century with the new LAMP KIT and gain full control in your darkroom.

Use the lamp-kit in 4 contrast modes:

1) COLD-LIGHT mode. If you are used to printing your BW negatives with cold light or with a color dichro head this is the setting you want to use. This setting is 100% identical to Color Dichro heads and Aristo COLD LIGHT heads. One difference though, the LAMP-KIT is at least 2-f-stops faster, if you need it. You can of course turn down the power to the exact setting you need

2) ULTRA-SOFT mode. Do you want the light softer, less contrast and more suppression of grain and dust, use the ULTRA-SOFT mode. The speed is almost the same as that of a 100watt color head.

3) OPAL-LIGHT mode. This mode produce the same type light that condenser heads with the traditional Opal lamp with a 5" globe did. If you expose your negatives according to the manufacturers recommended ASA speed, and develop as recommended or slightly minus then you will get prints that are visible sharper than prints made with the COLD-LIGHT mode and the ULTRA-SOFT mode. Use this type light for your negatives with unsharp masking and you will think that you advanced to an 11x14" camera when printing 4x5" negatives. AND - You have at least 2 f-stop more light than a 1000watt Opal bulb can produce, and 2 stops more than a 2000 watt color dichro head.

4) POINT-LIGHT mode. If you are looking for a challenge use this mode, the benefit will be 7 f-stops more light than your traditional Aristo COLD LIGHT head, 4-5 stops more than a 2000 watt Color Dichro head, and infinitively more contrast and sharpness. You need to expose and develop your film specifically for this light type. Use the film manufacturers recommended speed and experiment with -2, -1 and 0 development, till you find the quality that satisfy you. Normally -.75 is the correct development.
The less you develop the film, the higher the sharpness (resolution) the film can produce - just ask any astronomer, or read about it here.

The LAMP-KIT give you variable light output. Find the correct setting for an 8x10" print at 10 seconds f8. (Or for any other f-stop/time combination that you prefer.) Then when you are ready to enlarge, or make a smaller print, all you need is to use the -power dial to set the light level to the same level (use a light meter on the baseboard) and you can still print 10 sec at f8. The LAMP-KIT is powerful enough to print 20x24" prints at f8, 10 second exposure. Think about it - all your dodge and burn routines will be the same for every print size.

Our quiet vibration free DIGI-BLOWER $468.00 ready to plug in.

The EST 1500-N power supply will support any 115 or 240 Volt blower. (specify voltage when ordering.) The EST 1500 blower function is temperature controlled. The blower circuitry will not turn the blower on unless it is necessary and will turn it off as soon as the lamp reflector is cooled down. YOU CAN SUPPLY YOUR OWN BLOWER.


Parts List:
  • EST1500N Solid State Digital Power Supply.
  • Over heat protection.
  • Heat activated blower interface.
  • Reflector.
  • Full set of MC Filters, Grade 00 through Grade 5.
  • Power cable.
  • Lamp cable, with security plug.
  • Lamp: DULAMP 1200 TOP.
  • Lamp Socket.
  • Lamp socket Adapter.
  • Fvilter Tray.
  • Glass heat filter / Opal diffuser.
  • Diffuser #1.
  • Diffuser #2.
  • Cooling hose adapter.
  • Cooling hose.
  • Installations manual, Installation tales from 10-20 minutes.
  • Operations manual.


8x10" System, $1,585.00, $500 down payment and 12 monthly installments each $99.75

You deserve every success with the unit.
"I purchased your lampkit some time ago for my Durst 184 which uses the Durst condensor head. Now I want to say that this is the best source I have ever used in 50 years of photo. For power output and light source adjustment the unit is truly a Godsend."
-Gordon Undy | Fine Art Photography