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CHRISTOPHER BURKETT - Fine Art Photographer

" Mr. Burkett, you told me that you've produced a video about your work procedure; tell me, why did you do that? "

Christopher Burkett:
" We made the video to explain what's behind my photography and to show how I make my photographic prints.

A unique and worthwhile photograph reveals to the viewer something they haven't yet seen or experienced. Many people who see my prints for the first time often initially dismiss them because they mistakenly identify them as digital prints. When they find out that I've personally hand-printed the images, they go back and take a closer look, ultimately gaining a better appreciation of what's happening within each image. The fact that I hand-print my photographs really makes a difference to people. The general public places a high intrinsic value on individually hand-made prints.

The new video places a strong emphasis on my reasons for photographing nature and explains the trust- worthiness behind the making of each fine print. The making of the video was a long, challenging and ultimately rewarding project.

I believe it accurately conveys the essence of my work. We're offering the video on VHS and DVD at the galleries that represent me, and it's also available on our website at: www.christopherburkett.com or phone 888 429 6447."

© Photograph by C. Burkett. http://www.christopherburkett.com

Christopher Burkett is a full time Fine Art Photographer living and working in Oregon.

Mr. Burkett is using DURST HL2506AF Enlarger for his prints.