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Durst CLS1000 Light Head

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Short exposure times thanks to the high light output of the special 1000W tungsten-halogen lamp and interchangeable double mixing boxes matched to the main file sizes (13x18cm or 5x7", 10x12.5cm or 4x5", 6x9cm or 2¼x3¼", 24x36mm).
These also ensure-

Optimum colour mixing and even illumination with all film sizes.

Stepless light intensity control (up to D60) with built-in density diaphragm maintains preferred ideal apertures and exposure times with films of varying density or at different magnifications.

Linear filter scales provide constant correction intervals at all actual filter settings.

High filter densities cope easily with diffcult originals. Three dichroic filters (yellow, magenta, cyan) provide settings up to 130 densitometric values. Also supplementary 70 Y and 35 M filters.

White-light lever swings colour filters and density diaphragm out of light path for easier focusing.

Electronic voltage stabiliser absorbs voltage fluctuations up the +10% and -15%.

Efficient cooling system with built-in fan.
  • FEMOBOX 69N, 66N and 35N with the standard FEMONEG negative carrier.
  • BIMABOX 69N, 66N and 35N with the BIMANEG negative carrier (used with the rotating FEBIDAP 6x9cm negative carrier system available extra).
  • Halogen Lamp
  • Filter pack
  • Heat absorbing filter
  • Density diaphragm
  • Special diffusing system
  • Mirror box
  • Diffusor
  • Filter wheel

Suggested Enlargers:

Durst 5x7" L138SP