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Durst CLS1840 Light Head

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Applications: From reductions to poster prints, glant enlargements by swinging the enlarger head for horizontal projection, tightly cropped part enlargements, transparency duplication, combination printing in register etc.

Short exposures even at high magnifications with the 1000 watt tungsten-halogen lamp and interchangeable double mixing boxes matched to the film size in use. 25x25, 20x25, 13x18, 10x12.5, and 6x9cm (10x10, 8x10, 5x7, 4x5 and 2¼x3¼ inch), also 24x36mm - for most efficient light use.

Special strip mixing boxes greatly reduce exposure times for strip enlargements by concentrating the light on the film strip are being projected. This can have the exposure and achieves more even illumination with better colour mixing. Specically suitable for horizontal projection.

Even illumination with format-matched mixing boxes.

High filter densities. Yellow, magenta and cyan dichroic filters with settings up to 130 densitometic values plus supplementary 70 Y and 30 M filters cope easily with difficult originals.

Prefered optimum exposure times and apertures at low magnifications with stepless density diaphragm (range 0 to 60, or 2 f-steps).

Easy focusing with white-light lever to swing filters and density diaphragm out of the light path.