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Durst CLS2000 Light Heads

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  • Enlargers

Applications: Enlargements, reductions, horizontal projection printing etc.

High light output. The 2000 watt tungsten-lamp wit separate diathemic reflector and the double format-matched mixing boxes yield maximum light output with optimum colour mixing. This ensures very short exposure times - a special boon with horizontal projection for glant enlargements.

The voltage stabiliser compensates voltage fluctuations from +10% to -15%.

Optimum colour temperature even with short exposure times. The voltage stabiliser controls a shutter that only opens when the preheated tungsten-halogen lamp has reached its correct colour temperature. After the exposure the shutter automatically closes and the lamp retuens to preheated stand-by mode.

High filter values up to 130 densitometric values with stepless dichroic filter settings. Supplementray 20 M and 45 Y filters are built in for negatives needing extreme correction.

Density diaphragm avoids excessively short exposure times at low magnifications and conpensates reciprocity failure. The setting range of 0 to 60 covers 2 f-steps.

Efficient cooling system. Two fans - one for the lamp area including the heat filter and dichroic filters, the other for the film carrier, mixing boxes and diffuser - orevent harmful heating of films even with continuous opertaion. The fans keep runing until the lamphouse has cooled to ambient temperature.