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Durst CLS501

  • Detailed Info
  • Accessories/Parts
  • Enlargers
Scope of application
  • Individual control of professional enlargement (portrait, advertising and landscape pictures)
  • Prints of non=standard sizes
  • Low-cost entry point

Features and functions

Perfect illumination with direct lighting: a special diffuser with minimum light loss and mixing boxes matched to film sies from 24x36mm to 4x5", provide maximum light output.

Stepless dichroic filter adjustment (yellow, magenta and cray) up to a densitometric 130 setting. Extension rods facilitate convenient filter adjustment even with the enlarger head at the top of the column (see Accessories for illustration).

Integral supplementary slide-in filter (45 yellow + 15 magenta) for enlarging old non-masked negatives.

Unique density diaphragm

  • Maintains the ideal working aperture while changing magnifications;
  • Increases exposure times for reductions to minimize effect of afterglow;
  • Extends exposure time at the ideal working aperture to simplify shading (dodging) and burning in.

The white-light lever withdraws the filters and density diaphram from the light path for easier viewing of the projected image. A lamp signals this on the front panel.

  • FEMOBOX 69N, 66N and 35N with the standard FEMONEG negative carrier.
  • BIMABOX 69N, 66N and 35N with the BIMANEG negative carrier (used with the rotating FEBIDAP 6x9cm negative carrier system available extra).
  • Halogen Lamp
  • Filter pack
  • Heat absorbing filter
  • Density diaphragm
  • Special diffusing system
  • Mirror box
  • Diffusor
  • Filter wheel

Suggested Enlargers:

Durst 4x5" L1200