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Gordon Undy - Fine Art Photographer

I purchased your lamp kit some time ago for my Durst 184 which uses the Durst condensor head.

Now I want to say that this is the best source I have ever used in 50 years of photo.
In the first place it allows me to choose the right light for all of my negatives - even with what I believe is very good technique of exposure and development I still make some mistakes.
Sometimes too much exposure is given and sometimes i develop too long for the scale. Either way I can adjust the light source.
Mostly (for all but a very few negatives) I use what you call the "opal" light source with just the top diffuser and then condensors. Sometimes I have had to use the "cold light" with diffusers top and under the lowest condensor.
Sometimes just the bottom diffuser and none at the top.
Whichever way I have never had an exposure longer than 45 seconds with the output set at 70%. Mostly it is between 8 to 12 seconds for 11x14 thru 16x20 prints and opal light at f/8 - f11 through the el Nikkor 300.

So for power output and light source adjustment it is truly a Godsend.

Also the installation took me a half hour including think time.

I also must compliment you on your service. As you may remember I had troubles blowing a couple of bits because my mains power was fluctuating up to 256 volts but you fixed the problem (mine not yours) and turned it around the same day.
You deserve every success with the unit.

"Evening- Manning River 2010"

Gordon Undy graduated in Arts from the University of Queensland. He has practised photography since the age of ten. For the past fifteen years he has taught traditional film photography at point light gallery and school of photography which he and his wife Lyndell established in 1996 in Sydney. point light has a reputation as the place in Australia to study photography in silver gelatin and platinum/palladium.

Gordon spends time in the United States and other countries meeting photographers and gallery owners. He has studied both formally and by osmosis with master photographers such as Paul Caponigro, Linda Connor and George Tice, all of whom he currently represents in Australia.

For the last four years Gordon has been a regular juror for Photo Lucida. His exhibition record and philosophy regarding his chosen medium may be viewed at www.pointlight.com.au.

Gordon Undy