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John Zdral - Photographer

Landscape photographer John Zdral presented by World Images Inc.

Mr. Zdral, you have just purchased a very powerful and very expensive light source from Durst-pro-USA, Why are you using such an unusual light head for your enlarger? 
I elected to utilize a 5000 watt condenser head upgrade to fulfill a special desire I had to make black and white prints by projection onto AZO paper. I absolutely love the quality of the image produced by this contact paper, a paper that Edward Weston used almost exclusively during his entire career to make stunning contact prints. Being allowed to make prints by projection now allows even medium format negatives to be enlarged, as is demonstrated by the two prints above.

By working closely with Durst-Pro-USA, I now have the capability to produce AZO prints from any size negative, while a voltage regulator on the light source allows me to turn down the power if I choose to use normal fiber-base paper.

I  believe  a  condenser  light  head  yields a higher intrinsic sharpness and acutance rendering of negatives, and makes more inherent sense in the making of a fine print. Even in the event that I wanted the lower contrast characteristics of a cold-light or diffusion enlarger, a simple insertion of a diffuser into the units lower filter drawer achieves the same result. A filter drawer that accepts a full range of filters allows for printing of variable contrast papers, making the unit a complete package.

The highest quality black and white print creates an indescribable sense of artistic awe. It is those moments when we are deeply moved and inspired that we live for as photographers. By constantly refining our craft and the tools of our trade we hope to continue to be blessed with such moments.

John Zdral, Yorbalinda, March 6 – 2002.

John is using a Durst Laborator 1800 equipped with a 5000watt condenser head, and stabilized power supply.

Johns wife, Lisa Zdral, took the picture of John in front of his enlarger. Lisa took the picture with a digital camera. The image was then enhanced in Photoshop by  Tim Smith, Brea, California .

Dr. John Zdral is an ophthalmologist living and working in Yorba Linda. John is using a Durst L1840 with a 10x10" Durst Condenser head for his very creative landscape pictures. 
 The particular Condenser head John is using is equipped with a very special lamp. It is a fully adjustable and stabilized 5000watt lamp. The lamp output can be set step-less from 0-100%. Heat is a special problem when using a lamp with this wattage. Therefore the lamp is equipped with a special reflector, designed by DURST-PRO-USA, that not only doubles the light-output but also facilitates the electronic controlled cooling, with a minimum of noise.
 Contact John on jlzdral@aol.com